Wednesday, March 3, 2010


That's how much I paid this morning for this:


The two Aveeno lotions came from Walgreens. Normally $3.69 each, but 20% off if you buy two or more Aveeno products, making them $2.87 each. Throw in two $1 coupons from the Aveeno website plus .29 tax, and I paid $4.03 at the register. BUT, I was also handed $3 in Register Rewards, which is pretty much $3 off whatever I buy next at Walgreens - just like cash! So, $4.03 - 3.00 = 1.03, or about .52 each for 3.69 lotion. That's pretty hard to beat.

Food Lion has their Chips Ahoy cookies buy one/get one free this week - they're usually $3.69 each (that seems to be my number of the day.) But, by becoming a fan on Facebook, I was able to print a coupon for a free pack of cookies when you buy one gallon of milk. So, I bought one gallon of Food Lion milk ($3.43), used my handy little coupon, plus .18 tax, and paid $3.60 at the register. Both packs of cookies were FREE. :)

If I had paid full price for each item, this little haul would have cost me $18.19 plus tax. I like $4.63 a lot better.

Soooo, did I mention that a friend exposed me earlier this week to the amazing art of couponing? Sure, I've dabbled in it before - I tried The Grocery Game (I lost), and I've clipped coupons for years. I rarely go to the grocery store without them, and I always save a few dollars off of whatever I'm buying. But there's so much more to be done with them...and I'm going to give it a shot.

I'll share some of my adventures here, but if you really want to see some awesome deals, check out her blog: Short Change. (Thanks, Brittany!!)

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  1. YAY you did great! I can't wait to run out and get my free cookies tonight!