Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It seems as though I'm amazed every day lately at something that Milly is doing, something that she says, something that I didn't realize she could do yet. My baby is growing up so quickly, and it's so unfair. Last night, she was bustling around the house singing "a place for everything, everything in it's place!" Today she put on her shoes by herself - on the right feet, even - and then went outside, sat down in the big kid swing, pushed off and swung for a while. She hates to swing. Like, if I even suggest it to her at the park, she has a little conniption. But she went outside and got on the swing. Huh.

The only big-kid thing she isn't interested in is potty-training. And that's a matter of attitude over aptitude, because I'm sure she could do it, if she so chose. We've had a few days in big girl undies where she did quite well - a couple of #1 accidents here and there, but every single #2 went in the potty. But she just plain doesn't want to wear underwear, or even Pull-Ups (which is fine, because they're basically an expensive diaper anyway. I was willing to splurge a little if having Dora on her booty would help encourage her to make the switch, but she's a little too smart for that.) So. As soon as I'm feeling a little less lazy, we'll tackle that issue again. I almost don't want to, because it's one of the few "baby" things left.

Her hair is getting long and starting to curl a little. I french-braided it into pigtails a few days ago. I never, never thought she'd have enough hair for that, as she was still pretty bald at 1 1/2. Now even her hair is determined to go all big-girl on me.

There are no more bedtime battles. She blows me a kiss from her bed as I leave the room and says "night night, Mommy, love you!" She knows her colors. She can count. Sing whole songs. Hold her own in a fight with her sister. She's TALL. And she's shy around new people, but that's more personality than maturity. Boy, does she have some personality. She's the sweetest, most cuddly little ball of attitude I've ever known.

And I don't want her to grow up so fast. She just might be my last baby, which means that she'll always be my baby, and darnit...I want her to stay a baby.

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