Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gravy = Beverage

Well, it does in most of the South. Not so much for me. But since we all dragged out of bed super early this morning and drove an hour to meet my mom and stepdad for a big breakfast hosted at their church, and since Mom had been raving for three weeks about the amazingness of the gravy at these breakfasts, I did feel compelled to try it. And it was pretty good. Milly gobbled up quite a bit of it, which made her Gramma very proud. :)

I'm a bit ashamed to admit that, after breakfast, we headed to Petsmart...with a particular purchase in mind. I had always found the notion of doggy cologne a bit ridiculous (okay okay, utterly ridiculous) ...until I found myself cohabitating with a very large, very stinky dog. I'm not sure I've mentioned Walter here, actually. A friend's Chocolate Lab gave birth to a very unplanned first litter on April 30th - a litter of twelve. All of which were black, which led them to believe (rather strongly) that the father was likely the sneaky black neighbor Lab. We had been tossing around the idea of a family dog for a while, although I freely admit to being not so much of a dog person. I love the concept of a dog as playmate, friend, protector, what have you. Not so much the slimy nose and doggy slobber and the smell. Gene would be the first to tell you that I can detect the teensiest odor from about sixteen miles away, so it only stands to reason that a big, stinky dog in my house would drive me absolutely nutters. And since my dear sweet darling husband and I don't see eye to eye on the necessity of a weekly bath for Mr. Stink, we headed to Petsmart in search of (sigh) doggy cologne.

They had plenty of it, too, ranging from $4 up to $17 or so per bottle. The pricey stuff came in Blueberry Muffin scent, which I would normally find downright mouth-watering, but I'm not sure I wanted my dog to smell like food. Gene immediately nixed all of the "girly" scents (Sunflower, Passion Fruit, etc.) and we eventually settled on a more manly (if somewhat non-descript) scent called True Blue. Yes, I sprayed Walter down with it practically the moment we walked back through the door. And yes, he does smell better. My apologies for ever smirking at the mere mention of doggy cologne.

Speaking of smelly things...better smelly things...I'm having a neato special Scentsy sale through the end of the month! It's called the LAST CHANCE SALE, since it's the last chance to save 10% on nearly everything in the catalog - all but the college and charity warmers, which I've yet to sell anyway. Anyone who purchases $40 or more by clicking on the link above will be entered into a drawing to be the party's mystery hostess - who will receive all of the 1/2-price items and free product credits from the party. It starts out with one 1/2-price item (including several of the warmer/bar combos) and $15 in product credit, and goes up according to party sales. Sooo...go take a look around, save some money, and maybe win some stuff!

And speaking of winning stuff...I'm excited to announce that I'll be hosting my first giveaway starting on Monday! If there's a little one in your life, you're not going to want to miss this... :)

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