Sunday, October 16, 2011

Congratulations to...

...THREE winners tonight!

The winner of the adorable felt cell phone case from FeltLLang is Kimberly Wright. She won by adding my button to her blog (thanks!!)

The sweet little red fox from ritaboth (that I have still resisted peeking at, but I tell ya, it hasn't been easy) goes to Jill, who tweeted about the giveaway. Yay, Jill!

And Katy wins her choice of cell phone case from Fancy Ferris, also for tweeting about the giveaway. The tweets have it this time!

THANK YOU to all who entered - I hope you enjoy your sweet new cases. (Kimberly and Katy, stop back by to tell me which ones you choose!)

Another giveaway will be happening soon, this time for camera on the lookout!

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