Wednesday, November 21, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness: Eh, Whatevs

I am clearly not a daily kind of blogger. I could rattle off thirty things I'm thankful for in about thirty seconds (unless I got sidetracked, which would be quite likely), but remembering to post just one thing every day for thirty days? So not happening.

And since Thanksgiving day is already here, I'll just throw a bunch of them in here at once. The usuals. Pardon any repeats.

I am thankful for my life and the people and places and situations in it.

  • For a husband who works hard (really hard, given the opportunity) to provide for his family. He may leave his boots in the living room floor for everyone to trip over and expose me constantly to TV shows that I can't stand, but it's because of him that I'm able to stay at home with my babies. That was never our plan, pre-children - but it became my most desperate desire once Rachael was born, and he's made it happen for nearly nine years now. He irritates me half to death some days, but he's a good man, and I am lucky to have him. God and Grandma knew what they were doing when they paired us off.
  • For two beautiful, healthy, intelligent, and hilarious children. I never know what will come out of their mouths next (okay, it's usually screaming, followed by "MY SISTER...") They also drive me crazy, but they make me smile even more, and they teach me so much. I only wish that they could just stay little.
  • For a warm home, filled with all the things we need and a lot of things we just want. For a refrigerator and cabinets filled with food, not just on Thanksgiving, but all the time. For vehicles in the driveway that will get us where we need (and want) to go. For income that pays the bills...not much more than the bills, sometimes, but that's okay. Where there have been needs, God has always provided.
  • For good health - my sinuses are giving me fits and there's a BB still lodged in Gene's leg, but overall, we're a pretty healthy bunch. It's very, very rare for either of the children to be sick, and for that, I am especially thankful!
  • For a family that I love dearly, whether I see them once a week or once a year. I was blessed with wonderful parents and stepparents, and gained some pretty terrific in-laws when I married Gene. I can't wait to spend Thanksgiving with a bunch of people that I not only love, but actually like.
  • For amazing friends...SO many amazing friends. My pre-married life friends, my old co-worker friends, my first-mommy-group friends and church friends and homeschooling friends, because-of-Girl-Scouts-or-4H friends, my weirdly random chance meeting friends, online friends and friends-of-friends who became friends. For a girl who typically has just one or two very close friends and counts most everyone else as "acquaintances"...well, my group of really-truly-FRIENDS sure has expanded in the past few years. I am thankful for every one of them. I'm even thankful for my used-to-be-friends, because whatever the reason that they're used-to-be's, the happy memories don't go away.
  • For the internet, because it keeps me sane. Truly. And, you know, helps me teach my children and run my business and help other addition to the fun stuff.  ;)
I could go on and on and on, but I won''s after 1 a.m., and I'll be up bright and early to bake cinnamon rolls and watch the Macy's parade with my girls, before heading to my dad's house to snarf down just as much turkey as I can possibly hold...which will likely be followed by a tryptophan-induced nap and a card game, in which I will have to hustle if I want to take the lead over the old man. Right, Phase Ten, add that to the list...and other family traditions too. You can't have too many of those.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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