Monday, September 2, 2013


That's been the sound around these parts for far too long now. Silence...crickets chirping...dust bunnies floating around like tumbleweeds. My poor, neglected blog.

Truth is, I've been meaning to write a new blog post for quite some time now. Months, really. But all of you bloggy types know how it is - you go for a while, the crickets start chirping, and then you realize that you can't just hop online and tap out that brilliant blog post that just dripped right into your brain while you were in the shower, because first, you would have to make the dreaded update post.

Oh, how I loathe the update post. Especially when it's September (how did that happen?!) and you haven't blogged since January, because ohmigosh, a LOT has happened since January! So much that I dare say I couldn't even remember every important thing I'd need to blog, so I'm just not. I'm going to be a bloggy rebel and pretend that I haven't dropped off the face of bloggy-earth for the past seven months, and just resume where I left off.

I will tell you what's up with us now, and you can fill in the blanks that led up to our current level of craziness.

- Back to school has come and gone, and somehow I've become the mother of a first grader and a fifth grader. I do not know who keeps giving them permission to grow up, but I do not approve.

- Not only am I attempting to homeschool a first grader and a fifth grader, but I'm attempting to do it with a toddler in the house. Baby Buster is nearly sixteen months old and is into absolutely everything. Who knew there was such a difference between boys and girls even at this age? My girls simply didn't mess with things. He keeps me on my toes, that's for sure.

- Now, anyone that's read my blog knows that I'm not a big fan of cutesy nicknames for the kiddos (just try to guess Princess Pumpkinface Cutsey-Pie's real name!), but Baby Buster is our very first foster child...and as such, I'm afraid I really can't use his name. But I can tell you that Baby Buster was (for a brief period) a real, honest-to-goodness, used in real life nickname, and not just something I came up with to use on the blog. Ever watched Mythbusters?

Yeah, that is so not me. That's Kari from the show (which is totally worth a watch, if you've never seen it before.) The little dude in front of her is Baby Buster, ie, a baby version of a crash test tummy. Only Baby Buster crawls around all by himself - pretty randomly, sometimes - and is really just too stinking adorable to be mechanical. Anyway, our little guy was thirteen months old and still crawling when he first came to stay with us, and we had just watched an episode of Mythbusters featuring Baby Buster a day or two it was a pretty natural association for us. Now our Baby Buster is a proficient walker, but I like the nickname and I'm keeping it.

- My laptop BROKE - I'm thinking that was in January, since that seems to be when I stopped blogging. Well, I had some Christmas money burning a hole  in the part of my brain that keeps reminding you about gadgets you'd reeeeaaallly like to an iPad. And then we found a GREAT deal on a barely-used, brand new iPad, and I totally justified that purchase because, you know, the hubby has a laptop, and we could just SHARE. Pfffffffft. Turns out, he doesn't share very well. He SAYS that it's always available, but honestly, you all know how much fun it is to ask your man to hand over an electronic device that he's currently using (and I swear, his laptop usage increased by about 500% the very moment that mine died.) So I'm typing this post using my itty bitty iPad keyboard (granted, better than trying to do it on a touch screen) and it's taking forEVER because apparently, the tablet version of Blogger is quite buggy and refuses to allow me to scroll. When you're as wordy as I am, it's hard to keep going when you can't see what you're typing.

Anyway. That's quite enough of an update for now, and now maybe I can feel good about posting random brilliantness since the almost-but-not-quite update post is out of the way. That is, if anything comes to me while HE is at work, so I can do it from a proper computer.

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