Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Okay, here's a little intro...

Just in case anyone happens by that doesn't know me already, and doesn't feel like wading through my old blog for it. I'm Kristin, I'm 30 years old and have been married to Gene for nearly nine years. I've known him my whole life (quite literally) and he's a wonderful husband and father. We have two beautiful daughters - Rachael is six and Amelia is two. I'm a Christian and a homeschooler, which automatically equals "nut job" in some people's books...if only they knew that I'd also had a home birth, breastfed each child for 2+ years and cloth diapered...whew, they'd be ready to lock me away from civilized society, wouldn't they?!

I love to read, I'm an utter digi scrap addict, and I like to knit, although I'm currently learning to crochet since I hear that it's faster. I dabble at photography once in a while, but rarely take pictures of anything other than my children. I'm a birth doula, but currently not "working" (it's really not "work" to me) since unpredictable hours and unreliable child care just don't mix. And while I have June Cleaver dreams as they pertain to housekeeping, I fall miserably short. I abide by the notion that my house is "clean enough to be healthy but dirty enough to be happy." Someday, though...someday the clutter that I do have will be gone, and I'll have a lovely home...but by then, I'll probably be too busy missing my grown children to care.

So, that's the very basics of me...now back to the regularly scheduled blog already in progress.

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