Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Milly Logic

Okay, I confess...I may rely more often than I'd like on the electronic babysitter while I'm doing school with Rachael. But the fact is, I can turn on Milly's favorite show (Team Umizoomi) and have a quiet, uninterrupted twenty minutes to focus on schoolwork with Rachael. Alternatively, I can leave the TV off, set Milly up with a pile of books, paper, crayons, what have you, and she's climbing my leg and screaming bloody murder within ten seconds because she wants all of the attention, and she wants it now.

Tonight, I was talking with Gene and mentioned that I'd be starting preschool* with Milly this fall. She was standing nearby and obviously overheard our conversation, and pondered it for a bit... About ten minutes later, she came to find me in the kitchen while I was making supper.

Milly: Me do school now?
Me: Yes, you can start doing preschool soon.
Milly: And Sissy watch Teamy Ah-zoomi?


Got another clever one on my hands! School with her is going to be fun!

* Preschool, of course, not meaning any sort of rigid, structured curriculum - just more focused play on learning letters, counting, etc. She already has her colors down pat.

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