Monday, May 24, 2010


I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about priorities, and how, from the outside, most people believe that I have mine perfectly in line. They couldn't be more wrong. You see, I love my computer - LOVE my computer, as it provides my only link to the outside world some days. I love keeping up with my friends via message boards and Facebook, I love those silly time-waster Facebook games, and I love digital scrapbooking. And while I'm not willing to give any of those things up completely, I do need to step back and spend a little less time on them, and a little more time on the things that really matter. For example:
  • Housework - I hate it, but I need to stay on top of it. I'm tired of doing the flight-of-the-bumblebee thing before someone stops by. I'm tired of sifting through piles of laundry looking for Rachael's T-ball jersey because I detest folding it once it's washed. I'm tired of having so much stuff, and a lot of it just needs to go.
  • Homeschooling - no, Rachael isn't behind. But we definitely had a slow slacking-off to nothing for the end of the school year. She's well ahead of where she should be, so it's no huge deal, but I do need to review a bit here and there throughout the summer, and get ready to start doing a little something with Milly as well.
  • Myself - the computer is typically my "me time", but it would be much better for me to be outside with the kids, getting some fresh air and exercise. Especially exercise. And perhaps I should start going to bed at a decent hour, instead of averaging a 1-2 a.m. bedtime. I want to be around for my girls for a good long time, and I'm going about it all wrong right now.
  • This blog - it's a little ironic that I'm trying to cut back my computer time while adding one more online thing to my list, but this one feels important to me. I started this blog with the intention of it being my "diary", my way to keep up with the everyday things, the cute things that the kids say and do, etc. I've not done such a great job, and need to update it more often. Preferably every day.
  • My relationship with God - of course, this one should be at the TOP of the list, as it's undeniably most important. I've felt such a disconnect over the past couple of months, since I've stopped visiting a church where I really felt His presence, and started going back to our usual church, just to keep my family together in one spot. I obviously need to visit more churches, since Gene didn't like the one that appealed to me (we did visit a new one yesterday, but I don't believe it was "the one" for me), I need to spend more time in prayer, more time reading my Bible.
And I need to spend less time online. So for the next few days, at least, my goal is this: to check in first thing in the morning, which is my habit anyway, and then to turn the computer off until the girls are in bed that night. That should give me plenty of time to do the things that need to be done, and still turn it off and go to bed at a decent hour. (Right?) We'll see...


  1. Maybe I should try that with the computer too....Ma-2-Bean-n-Squish

  2. Good luck and let us know if it works for you. :)

  3. Good luck! I really need to work on this as well.