Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another first for Rachael!

We just had a big event in our house...

Yep, that is a brand new gap in her TOP teeth! She's already lost four on the bottom (and had permanent teeth grow into the holes already), so it's fun to see a gap somewhere different now.

But having a top tooth come out isn't even the BIG news. This is actually the first time that she's lost a tooth on a date that wasn't a family member's birthday!

Tooth #1 came out on her fifth birthday. It scared me half to death, because that seemed awfully early. That was quickly overshadowed by the fact that it came out while she was eating lunch, and she swallowed it. And just can't let that first baby tooth go swallowed. :( God bless Daddy for being the hero in that situation.

Tooth #2 came out two months later, on her Papa's birthday.

Tooth #3 waited another seven months, and came out on my stepbrother's birthday.

And tooth #4 came out on Gramma's birthday.

But tooth #5, that sweet little top tooth, was a rebel - although we do know someone with a birthday today, and she is a sweet little girl, it's not family...and thus the trend has been broken.

I was absolutely certain that this tooth would hang on until Tuesday (which would have been my stepdad's birthday) or maybe even the following Sunday, on her aunt's birthday. Guess she showed me! :)

Here's one more pic to wrap things up tonight:

Nah, she hasn't lost any teeth...she's just stinking cute. Even with Kool-Aid face and a finger up her nose. :)


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  2. Oh my gosh! They are too cute.

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