Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Question #12

Day 12: How you found out about blogs and why you made one...

I'm not sure how I found out about blogs, exactly. People started making them, you started hearing about them all over the place, and I was young enough six years ago to figure it all out with minimal effort.

My very first blog focused almost solely on Rachael and her daily antics. She was maybe six months old then, and I felt the need to journal absolutely everything that she did, lest I forget a single thing. I was pretty good about updating it for a while, but eventually I slacked off...then started again...slacked...started again. You see where this is going, right?

Since then, I've had several blogs, and still maintain three. June Cleaver is my "main" blog, where I can be as random as I want to be. Then there's my homeschool blog, which is mostly followed by parents, in-laws, etc. and tells all about our adventures (and sometimes misadventures) in homeschooling. And finally, there's my scrapbooking blog - I do all of my scrapping in Photoshop now, and post my layouts here for my scrappy friends to see.

More than just a place for journaling details about my children, blogging has become an outlet for me - somewhere that I can (mostly) freely express what's on mind, things that bother me, funny things that I think about, and of course, a place to host neat giveaways and meet new people. Mostly, though, I just enjoy writing. So I do.


  1. Nice post!

    Thanks for following my blog (City Girl Bought the Farm) I'm following you back. : )

  2. Too funny!! You deserve to be Wife of the Year, I'd go for the whole month though for that one- not just one day! You are hysterical Kristen! ~Peachy