Thursday, September 2, 2010

Question #8

#8: Short term goals for this month and why...

I have several goals for this month - survival being foremost among them. With one child just back to (home)school and a 2-year-old to keep busy/entertained/alive in the meantime, "stressed" is my usual operating mode. But I do have goals beyond mere survival, and here they are.

a) Keep the housework under control. At the moment, my house is cleaner than usual, thanks to a recent visit from the in-laws. My goal is to keep it that way. However, the whole point of this blog is that I'm no June Cleaver around the house - rather, I would let it fall apart around me while I do schoolwork and fun things with the girls. Must...find...balance. My friend Brittany over at Short Change posts daily cleaning lists that I'm trying to adhere to...mostly. Days like yesterday really throw me for a loop, when we have plans all morning and then come home just in time to do a little bit of schoolwork, get showers and dressed, throw some food down our throats and run back out the door to church. Who has time to clean on those days?! I managed to wash the dishes and clear some clutter off of the kitchen table, and that just had to suffice.

b) Be a more patient mommy. Patience just is not my strong suit, especially when I have two children simultaneously screaming/crying/nagging/acting like little neanderthals. I just started a Wednesday night class at a nearby church (that I absolutely love) called My Bathtub Is Overflowing, But I Feel Drained. It's a small group comprised solely of moms, and is based on the book by the same name, which I already love even though I'm only three chapters in. Surely some fellowship time with other moms will help me to adjust my mommy attitudes a bit!

c) August was a slow month for my Scentsy biz, so my goal is to pick it up this month! (Actually, it's picked up quite nicely on its own, thanks to the new fall/winter scents. I've sold more in the past day and a half than I did in the whole month of August - WOOHOO!!) My goal for September is to maintain my Lead Consultant title...and who knows, maybe even move up another level. At any rate, the "work" I do this month will pay for our family's weekend beach getaway in October - and I'm soooo looking forward to it. Have I mentioned how much I love Scentsy?!

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