Monday, October 11, 2010

Where have you BEEN?

Yep, here I go, neglecting the ol' blog again. Life sure does get in the way of my hobbies sometimes.

So, where have I been? Well, let's see.
  • I've been at the kitchen table behind a pile of books and a computer screen, piecing it all together into a cohesive homeschool curriculum.
  • I've been at the same kitchen table with two little girls, teaching them about the three R's and a bunch of other stuff besides. My six-year-old can read anything that I throw at her, add 3- and 4- digit numbers (carrying the one, when need be), tell you about her favorite Van Gogh painting, and introduce herself quite politely in French. Necessary? Not entirely. Fun? Oh yeah. (Milly is "doing school" at her own little pace, but she can tell you all of the letter sounds through H. Proud of her too.)
  • I've been throwing together Girl Scout meetings and praying over them that the girls would think they're lots of fun and put together by a responsible adult leader who knows what she's doing, not one who's flying by the seat of her pants.
  • I've been attending those same meetings and hardly breathing for the duration, there's just so much crammed into an hour, between activities with the girls and having the parents fill out forms and throw money at me and keep up with who's paid for what...AAAHHH!
  • I've been driving to art co-op once a week - about a 35-minute drive each way - and waiting around for an hour while Rachael draws and paints and learns about art history (but she studied Van Gogh with me, thankyouverymuch.)
  • I've been squeezing in approximately four minutes of piano practice per week, just enough that the piano teacher doesn't punch me in the face when we show up on Friday afternoons. Of course, we've missed the last two Friday afternoons because...
  • I've been battling a head cold-sinus crud-mystery illness that just would not relinquish its hold on my brain, meaning that I walked around pretty much in a daze for a while.
  • I've been going to church more often these days, thanks to awesome Wednesday night classes at OBC. (The Sunday morning where-to-go-to-church struggles continue, both internally and with my darling husband, who is convinced that large churches are cults, and one should steer far away from their Kool-Aid.)
  • I've been working my Scentsy business, and man, it's been rocking lately! YAY for the new fall and winter scents! Scentsy is paying for Christmas this year, and I'm thankful for it.
So yeah...I've been all over, and nowhere at the same time. I'm doing so much that I'm quite overwhelmed with it all, truth be told, but I just don't know what I can cut out of my schedule. (I can't see a way to dump a single thing, actually.) This was never my intent - I quite enjoy the idea of a quiet life at home, being a bit hermit-like, venturing out only for groceries and the occasional visit with a friend - but it just isn't working out that way right now.

Another book I picked up recently stated that "motherhood abhors a vacuum" and I can only say AMEN to that. If there's a spare minute to be had, I'll fill it with something. Maybe someday that something will be housework. This place kinda needs it.

Speaking of housework...I still have another giveaway to post, and I'll try to get that up this evening. Must wash some dishes and cook some food, and then perhaps the natives will give me a few more minutes of peace.