Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pardon my MIA-ness.

It's true - the holidays are here! How do I know this? Well, everything has suddenly become twice as busy, and 3/4 of my family has been sick on top of it all. Thus the recent lack of blogginess, and my apologies for it.

First of all - I'm days behind in going to and choosing a winner for my Scentsy giveaway. Sorry about that - I'll get it to it ASAP!

For now, check out this great giveaway for a very cool nightlight over at Coupon Queen Bee's blog. (Yeah, I really want one of those for my girls! Maybe two, one for each girl. They're so stinking cute and unique...just go look.)

And while you're here - remember that post I did about not too long ago? Well, here's a special blog code for 20% off of your next purchase: JUSTFORFRIENDS. And just in time for Cyber Monday too. :)

I'll be back with my numerous excuses for being MIA...check back soon to read about tummy bugs, Girl Scouts in a parade, Thanksgiving, and my klutzy self backing into a motorcycle (and why we will not be paying $860 in repairs.)

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