Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Return of Pink Saturday & the Saturday 9

I've been out of the Pink Saturday and Saturday 9 loop for far too long, and I've missed it...and since I just unpacked something that reminded me, I thought I'd better come do it now. :)

Here's my entry for Pink Saturday:

Isn't it great? It's my new all-time favorite Scentsy warmer. They release a new "warmer of the month" each month, and I was soooo excited when this one popped up for July. After putting in a party and getting my consultant perks (heehee), I snagged this warmer and TEN bars to go with it for $8.50. Hard to beat, right? For everyone else, this one is on sale this month for $22.50...but I can help you get it cheaper if anyone is interested. You can read all about it HERE.

So yeah, mine just came out of the box this morning - for the time being, it's up on the mantle where everyone can admire the cuteness, and smelling like yummy Irish Cream. Milly - having always been my little cupcake and knowing that she's the cupcake - tried to claim it the moment she saw it. I told her that it'd probably end up in her room eventually, but for now, it's mine mine mine! It's not like I "splurge" on myself often, even if it is my own Scentsy stuff.

NOW, for the Saturday 9! Let me know if you join in the randomness so I can come read, okay?

1) Do you believe in the concept of the devil?

I don't believe that he's a concept; I know that he's real, and I hate him.

2) What's your favorite nickname that you're called?

MOMMY. It will always, always be Mommy...even when it's rapid-fire mommymommymommymommymommy, 2934857243957 times each day. I love it. I'm not sure there's a sweeter nickname to be had, and I'll be so sad when it's shortened to "Mom."

3) What would you do if someone cheated on you?

It's so hard to say until you're actually in that position, and I hope never to find out. I imagine that I would have a hard time forgiving that particular offense, though.

4) Do you ever cry at a movie?

Do I ever not cry at a movie? Geez, I cry at toilet paper commercials any more. It takes nothing to start the waterworks.

5) Have you got "a ball & chain" or are you single? Are you happy with your status?

I have a ball and chain, and I'm very happy with my status. Granted, there are days that I daydream of shipping him back to his dad's basement so maybe I could go five minutes without finding a wadded up sock in my living room floor, but I'm fairly certain that I'm not cut out to be a single mother. It would really cut into homeschooling and whatnot. So I guess I'll keep him.

6) Who do you go to for advice?

It really depends on the subject matter. Sometimes the hubby, sometimes my mom, sometimes a friend. Sometimes Facebook, if it's something random and not terribly pressing. I tend to seek out the person who I think will be able to best relate to what I need to know. (Einstein once said something along the lines of, "I don't need to know all the answers - just where to find them.")

7) When was the last time someone yelled at you?

This morning - the children went ballistic when their Papa (my father-in-law) showed up just as I was rolling out of bed. They kindly yelled upstairs to alert me that I had approximately thirteen seconds to procure suitable clothing, brush my hair and teeth, and generally start acting like I'd been awake for a while. *sigh*

8) When was the last time you spoke with someone that you met online?

Yesterday...since I met my closest friend online two years ago, I actually talk to "someone that I met online" quite often!

9) Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Williamsburg and Virginia Beach. I know, I know - oh so exotic and romantic. More like close-to-home and not-crazy-expensive. We had a blast at Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, and the beach, though...I mean, I got to swim with a duck. How often does that happen?!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

    I must admit that I first had to figure out what the cupcake is for -- hah! Anyway, it's one of the cutest scentsy warmers (I had to figure out that one, too) I have ever seen.

  2. Yep- I'm a mommy too!

    Enjoy your Saturday!

  3. Hey girl, I love that Scentsy warmer too, My sister in love is a consultant too :), I am happy to meet another Virginian too!
    Happy Pink Sautrday

  4. A fun post! I have to go figure out what a Scentsy is now!

  5. what a cute pink scentsy warmer you got, i bet it smells heavenly! Happy Pink Saturday!


  6. Love the cupcake... the blog (esp the title - too clever!)... the answers... am your newest follower.

  7. Hi Kristin,

    That scentsy warmer is so cute. I agree that the mantle is the perfect spot to show off it cuteness.♥ I wanted to thank you for visiting with me for Pink Saturday and for looking at my studio. Your kind words are so appreciated.

    Pink Sparkles for your day,
    Stephanie Suzanne ♥
    Queen of Dreamsz

  8. That was a fun post to read! :) Your warmer is adorable...I've seen that one on Facebook as I've got a couple of friends who sell Scentsy. Thanks for visiting me!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!