Friday, September 2, 2011

Wouldn't it be nice...

I've been staring at the "new post" screen in Blogger for quite some time now, trying to think of a way to say what's on my mind. In a way that would be honest but wouldn't offend anyone. Wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings. Wouldn't generate snarky comments. (I get enough of those on Facebook.)

Wouldn't it be wonderfully freeing to turn off the self-censor and let rip with what you're really feeling sometimes?

Oh, and people do - I see it quite often. And every time I do, my jaw drops - how could they say such things, right out in the open for anyone and everyone to read? Where are their manners? Do they just not care about anyone else?

Those thoughts keep me in check, even here, in the sanctity of my very own blog. Even though I want very much to tell the world exactly what I think.

Do you censor yourself too? Or do you, like me, think too much sometimes before you speak?


  1. I definitely think too much. Way big on over-thinking here.

  2. Yessum, lots of over-thinking here, too. I worry partially about offending people, but also having my own comments come back to haunt me later. But then sometimes I can't hold it in (and venting out loud to my hubby doesn't help) and I have to write. Those posts are fun. ;)