Wednesday, November 9, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude 2011: Day Nine

I am grateful for Cranberry Sierra Mist, which a friend was kind enough to leave at my house, has not yet gone flat, and cut through whatever miserable crud has infested my throat today.

Hey, it's all about the little things, right? Along those same lines, I am grateful for:

  • children who are old/smart/capable enough to (mostly) fend for themselves when Mommy is sick. It's nice to know that they won't starve if anything happens to me. They can dress themselves and use the bathroom, and Rachael even did schoolwork with her sister. Yep, I'm practically expendable.
  • wireless Internet and laptop computers, which allowed me to stay entertained while I hung out on the couch all day, and required virtually no movement whatsoever.
  • my Kindle. Ditto above.
  • public libraries, and especially my public library, which is "home" to the most amazing librarian ever to grace the stacks. It's nice to have someone who remembers the book you have on hold even when you've forgotten about it, who renews books that you've misplaced even though it's really been a bit far too long, and orders new books based on what she knows your child likes to read. I heart her very much. Oh, and also all of the wonderful books, one of which I also kept on the couch with me today.
  • TV remotes, because I am just old enough to vividly remember a time before we had them.
  • tissues.
  • cough drops.
  • DayQuil.
  • clarity of mind to realize that, although I've been pretty miserable today, I still have it really good. I can function, which is more than so many people can do. I'm just choosing to wallow in it, and I'm grateful for the luxury of doing so.

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  1. I hope you are feeling better! It is good to count your blessings every now and then.