Thursday, May 24, 2012

ALL the books!!

So, I finally took the children to the library today. We were...quite a bit overdue. Ever since we moved our Girl Scout meetings from the library to a nearby church (with lots more room for our troop of thirty, plus parents, siblings, etc.) ...well, I just seem to have a hard time making it to the library every two weeks. Even though it's not that far away. To the point of racking up *gulp* $22.60 in fines this visit. My dear sweet darling husband will not be pleased.

ANYWHO...I found myself in the library, as usual, pulling books off the shelf at an alarming speed. I have always, always been a bookworm. (I'm nearly 33 years old and my mom still loves to brag about how I read 500 books in a summer reading program before I even started kindergarten.) Thing is, I don't have as much time to read these days, although I do sneak in pages here and there throughout my day. So I found myself balancing about fifty-eleven books in one hand while frantically grabbing more, more, more with the other, and I realized that I have a problem. I simply can't read fast enough to read everything I want to read, yet that doesn't keep me from checking out piles and piles of absolutely-must-read books. Which I will then not finish on time and/or forget to return on time, resulting in more and more generous donations to our local library. *sigh*

It made me think of this (hilariously accurate) Pinterest meme that's been floating around for a while:

And I thought...there should really be a version of that for people like me. Only, there wasn't. So I just sat down and had a little fun with Photoshop, and...TA-DA!!

Yep, that's about right.

And since I love Pinterest too, now I must go pin it. Then I'm going to get back to my fresh new stack of library books. But you saw it here first.  ;)

(Like my little creation? Feel free to pin it yourself! And look me up on Pinterest while you're at it...goodness knows I need more stuff to repin.)

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  1. hahahhahaha love it!! And where is the same pic photoshopped to say "recruit all the girls"? lol