Monday, November 5, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness, Day Five

Today, I am thankful for social media.

Yes, it is a great time waster. Yes, I am sick of the political posts and the whining and complaining that are all that some people seem to do on Facebook. Yes, I'm guilty of Facebook-enabled public myself, on occasion.

But today has been a perfect example of the ways that social media - and Facebook in particular - can be used for good.

I was able to share a link to a local organization that is raising money to help a single mom in her time of financial need. I didn't have money to donate, but maybe someone will see that link and be able to help.

I set up an event page to promote the spaghetti dinner fundraiser that our Girl Scout troop is hosting this weekend. Letting people know about the event means more people eating spaghetti, and that means money to pay for patches and meeting supplies and service projects and events so that the troop parents don't have to. 

Best of all, my friend Brooke and I set up an auction page to raise money for our Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree children. 35 people liked the page on its first day, and $91 in bids were placed. That in itself was pretty terrific, but what really blows me away are all the people who have generously donated items to the auction. About half of the donations came from people that I actually know - people who I know to be exceedingly generous even when time and resources don't necessarily agree with their giving. Other donations came from Etsy sellers that I don't even know, but asked if they would be interested in donating to the cause - and because of their heart for orphans or kids with Down Syndrome, they gave. Many of them volunteered even more than I had asked. Several said that they were "honored" to be a part of the auction. Each of them touched my heart today.

We invited people to the auction, and they shared the link with their friends. I invite you stop by as well - whether you're an adoption advocate or no, there's some cute stuff up for bids, and several things that would make great Christmas gifts. Best of all, 100% of the purchase price will be deposited into the childrens' accounts, to help their future forever families get to them even faster. 

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