Saturday, November 3, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness, Day Three

I did something really neat tonight - I went to my very first quarter auction. I had no idea what to expect when I got there, really. People had tried to explain it to me, but it didn't really click until we got started. In a nutshell, you buy your numbered paddle, and each time you bid on an item, you toss 1-2 quarters (depending on the value of the item) into a bucket on your table. Then a number is drawn, and if that paddle number placed a bid, then it takes the item. So essentially, you could win really fab prizes for the cost of your paddle plus a quarter. But of course, bidding is so much fun that you've gone through a whole roll of quarters in no time flat, and you don't even care because it's for a good cause.

Yes, the quarter auction was a fundraiser, and it raised more than $1200 to help with a dear friend's adoption costs.

I've mentioned her before - you remember Chandres, who is in the process of bringing home a new son and daughter from Eastern Europe. She's already traveled to meet them both, and I can't wait until they're out of their orphanages and into their forever home.

Mandy was also at the auction tonight - yes, I've mentioned her before too. She's already brought home her two boys, from the same country as Chandres, and is now working hard to get back there and bring home a sweet little girl who will undoubtedly be thrilled to find that her old friend is her new brother.

I'll begin by saying that I'm thankful for Mandy. If it weren't for her first adoption - and an article about her family in our local newspaper - I may never have known about Reece's Rainbow, may have never considered adopting a child with special needs, may have never seen Anastasia's sweet little face.

She would likely deny having any part in the matter, but it was only after meeting Mandy that I saw the number of people with a heart for orphans just skyrocket in our area. Some began the adoption process, some hope to adopt someday soon, some became passionate advocates for the orphans. Some donated financially to adoption funds, some helped organize fundraisers, some prayed faithfully for all of the above. I have been blessed by and am thankful for ALL of them.

I can't be thankful that there are orphans, of breaks my heart that there are children with no parents to love them. But I am thankful for the people that care for them and help tell the world that they are out there, and that they need us.

Although today's post was inspired by my beautiful friends at the quarter auction, it's perfectly fitting for tomorrow as well - November 4 is Orphan Sunday, a day in which Christians are called to take notice of and action for the world's orphans. Did you know that if only seven percent of people who profess to be Christians would adopt one child, that there would be no orphan crisis?

Adoption is, of course, not for everyone. But everyone can do something. You could click on one of my friends' names and donate toward their adoption expenses. You could visit Reece's Rainbow and donate a few dollars to whichever child catches your eye - or tugs on your heartstrings. You could post something - anything! - about the orphans on Facebook, because people need to be made aware. You could spend a few extra minutes in prayer for the orphans and the people who are shouting down mountains in order to bring them home.

As Mandy would say...

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...Do Something!

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