Thursday, February 4, 2016

Well, poop.

I think that since it's Thursday evening, I can now safely say that it has been a long. week. The to-do list has been ridiculous, the children have been off the chain crazy, the house is a wreck (well, okay, that's really nothing new), I'm having nightmares about our show opening before I've finished memorizing lines, and my patience level through it all has been spectacularly minimal.

But then something happened this morning that reminded could always be worse.

So much worse.

A good friend shared a link on Facebook and, based on the title alone, I absolutely could not resist clicking. I bet you won't be able to resist either.

Are you ready? I dare you to try.

Resistance is futile.

You clicked, didn't you? Oh my goodness, if you didn't, GO NOW. I will wait. 

It is the most hilarious thing I've read in ages. And man, I needed that laugh. I can't wait to read more of her blog.

I also needed the reminder that even though my week has been...not great...well, at least it hasn't been that bad.

Now, once upon a time, I would probably have hesitated to share a blog post about poop. But let's face it, poop is funny. 

And as a wise mom friend once pointed out during a game night (which I have not experienced in far too long and really need to host again, especially being that my house is actually clean-ish at the moment), whenever you get more than two moms together, the topic of poop is going to come up. I mean, it's just going to, right? Maybe we haven't all pooped in our closet, thank goodness, but we all have horror stories to tell. 

And that is why I did not hesitate to share the hilarity with you, my lovely mom friends who inexplicably keep showing up to read my rantings. You're welcome.

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  1. Girl there are no words for how much I laughed ready that!!! It was so funny I read it to Eric and the kids... we all laughed.. a much needed funny for us! Thanks for sharing!