Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Who needs sleep?

That's a loaded question, coming from someone who adores sleep the way that I do.

Let's be real here for a moment: the best part of getting out of bed in the morning is when I can get right back in it. I am not, never have been, never will be a morning person. Any day that I have to be up, dressed, and out of the house before 10 a.m. is a bad day. There are also few things in life that I enjoy more than a good nap, with Sunday afternoon naps being both the sweetest and the most necessary.

On the flip side, I could easily stay awake all night long. I would be absolutely darling at pulling off a third-shift schedule, if only I could get the children and out-of-the-house activities on board.

You would think that after a day like today, I'd be ready to hit the pillow...but no. I require a little bit of downtime in which to unwind first, and 1 a.m. is the first downtime I've had today.

This morning, the girls and I were up bright and early to head to our homeschool co-op. I adore our co-op - the kids are fun, the moms are great, and my girls actually learn a thing or two about writing and science. The only problem is, this gig starts at 9:15. In the morning. I know, I know, that's not early for most of you. But it is for me. And worse, it's early for my grouchy non-morning-people children too, which makes the whole getting-there process a bit of an ordeal.

After co-op, it was errands - hooray, my library fines were only $7.50, and not the $20-ish that I was expecting! (It's a homeschooler thing. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.) Home for lunch and schoolwork and chores. Time to cook dinner and then I was back out the door for rehearsal.

Side note: this show that I'm rehearsing for now? The Odd Couple? It is so. much. fun. The sheer amount of dialogue that I still need to memorize is a little bit terrifying, but when it all comes together, this show will be hilarious. Report coming forth once I actually survive it.

Rehearsal ended at 9:30, and I headed to...the gym. Yep.

I cannot begin to express the magnitude of out-of-character-ness that this is for me. Wanting to go to the gym? After a full day of mom-ness? Staying there until nearly midnight? Weird.

Bonus: there aren't a lot of people there late at night, and I really like that.

Oddly, I've really started to enjoy my gym time at Planet Fitness. Maybe it's because it's the one place that I can actually be alone, but then, I think a little of it is because I'm actually starting to see some progress. I can walk for longer and faster on the treadmill than I could a month ago. I can handle more weight on the arm and leg machines. I still can't do a thing with the elliptical, because that thing is evil incarnate. But progress is gratifying, and that gratification keeps me going back for more.

Home, shower, tuck in my night owl children who are still awake because, you know, homeschoolers again. Time for bed...but...I just need to check this one thing online first! And here I am.

Every day isn't quite as busy as this one. Co-op is only once a week; rehearsals will end and the show will end and the next show will come along; sometimes I go to the gym early - it just depends on what funky schedule the hubby is working on any given week. We manage to keep a loose schedule - I love having a plan and sticking to it. But I'm also learning to be more flexible, and do what I have to when I have to, in order to get it all done.

Even if it means staying up all night when I don't have to be up early the next day.

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  1. Kristin! Are you a drama mama, too? Should I be looking for you on Broadway? I'll have you know I was the patent clerk in our 6th grade production of "The Electric Sunshine Man" about Thomas Edison. I had like 6 whole lines to learn. These days, I save most of my drama for mornings and after school with my tween and teen daughters. Hope you get to sleep in and/or take a nap very soon! Am adding your fabulous blog to my "Likes and Loves" list this very minute...thank you SO much for letting little ol' me have a spot on your favorites list. This is better than when I got play Joy the stepsister in my senior-year production of "Cinderella." Yes, I wanted to be C herself. Thank God I didn't get to, because instead of singing the insipid "In My Own Little Corner," I got to stomp around the stage belting out "The Stepsisters' Lament" in full-on chest voice. Okay. I'm going now.

  2. Girl, I love this right up, you know how well i like early mornings....not! We are never on time... keep it rolling girl!

  3. Elizabeth! I just keep finding more reasons to love you. A stepsister? AWESOME role. Granted, the show that I'm working on now isn't a musical, but it still asked for "vocal range" on the audition sheet. I wrote "LOL." I wish I could sing, or dance, but at least I CAN act. I'm very good at projecting and just live to yell at people onstage. And I get to yell (and cry and make moose noises) quite a bit in this one.

    Hayley, I think you're the only one in our little group that gets me. The rest of them must roll out of bed at 6 a.m. refreshed and raring to go. I do not understand people like that.

  4. Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!