Sunday, August 29, 2010

Question #4

Alrighty, time for the question du jour...a habit that I wish I didn't have.


I try not to call attention to it, but here goes. I wish I didn't have the habit of picking at my fingernails and tearing them off. If you looked at my hands, you'd probably assume that I bite them - but I don't, never have. Actually, they're not as short as those of most nail biters I know. But they're still short and, to my mind, not terribly attractive.

I've been doing it ever since I was a little kid - maybe four or five. I don't remember exactly when or why it started, but I've tried several times to stop and it hasn't worked yet. I mostly do it when I'm nervous or bored, and then I barely even realize that I'm doing it...and it's awfully hard to stop doing something that's practically subconscious.

So just don't look at my hands, okay?

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  1. I get you about not looking at your hands - mine are the same way. I bite my nails AND pick at them, and pick at the skin all around my nails. The only thing that works for me is getting my nails done - which is INSANELY expensive! So I was overjoyed to find a great set of press on nails at WalMart for about $8. They stay on amazing well, through dishes, bath time and even car seat buckles. They still pop off once in awhile, but re-glue them and they're good for another few days.