Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude 2011: Day Seven

I keep forgetting to blog until bedtime, when I'm too tired to do it justice. Anyway, I saw this earlier, and knew right away that this was perfect for today:

If that isn't the absolute truth...!! It's hard to be grateful for some people. We all probably have one or two that we'd just rather not have to deal with. I certainly do. And I tend to grumble and complain about being thrown together with them on occasion...but this certainly puts it in a new perspective. I can look at each of them and recognize the behaviors that make them so difficult for me to tolerate, and remind myself not to emulate them.

I suppose I could look at it this way: the more often I have to be with them, the more constant the reminder to "do better" myself?

I'm not sure that'll make it easy, but it's definitely something I'll remind myself of while I'm biting my tongue into tiny, tiny shreds.

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