Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude 2011: Day Thirteen

I can't very well sing the praises of my parents and stepparents without mentioning the other parents, can I? Perhaps I'm a bit of an anomaly, but I actually am grateful for (insert Jaws music here) ... the in-laws.

That picture is actually entirely inaccurate, but I suspect that it's because my mother-in-law is actually hubby's step-mother. He was his mother's baaaaaaby, and were she still with us, I rather believe that she would be more critical of the way I treat her little precious. (That's not to say that we wouldn't get along. It's just...more iffy.)

As it were, my mother-in-law is rarely without a smile on her face. She's sweet and soft-spoken and very rarely critical, so long as we do not bring up the topics of homeschooling, non-vaxing, or attending a Baptist church. Even when she voices concerns, though, she manages to do it in such a sweet and loving way that it's easy to let it slide right off. She treasures my girls and believes, with every ounce of her being, that we also need a little boy in the family.

My father-in-law is a pretty great guy too. He's kind of a gruff guy and tends to be more vocal about his opinions, which has caused us to lock horns a time or two (basically consisting of my informing Gene that he needs to talk to HIS father about X situation), but he loves me and I love him. I especially love watching him get down in the floor and play with the girls, dance around his basement with them, and basically allow himself to look perfectly idiotic purely for their amusement.

Did I mention that my father-in-law is the one we call anytime anything breaks, because he can always fix it? Or that my mother-in-law makes the best chocolate icing in the world? (I keep telling her that she can just give me a bowl of icing on my birthday and forget about the cake, but she has yet to take me seriously. I am completely serious.)

I was very, very fortunate in the in-law department. I also got two wonderful sisters-in-law - neither of whom I see often enough. Being an only child and having always wanted a sister, I am particularly fond of them both...and the brothers-in-law, nieces, and nephews that have come along with them.

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